Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a required music list for the festival?
No, we do not have a required list for the festivals. We encourage directors to play pieces they would normally play in concert. You may perform anywhere from 1-3 pieces of music for the performance.

Do we have to sight-read?
No. Sight-reading is an option at all our festivals in place of one of your pieces, but is not required. (If you plan to sight-read, please let your site host know well before the day of your performance.)

How long are the performances and clinics?
We plan for each performance to take no longer than 20 minutes, with the clinic lasting 20 minutes as well.

Do we need to stay for the entire day of festival?
No. Your site host will contact you with your warm-up and performance times. You will receive a plaque at the completion of your performance.

Will any equipment be provided by the site?
In some cases, sites may have some equipment available for your use. For specific information, please contact the host at the site you plan to attend.

Do we need to bring extra copies of the music for the clinicians?
Yes, please bring three extra copies for the clinicians to use during your performance. IMEA adheres to copyright laws and expects all of our participants to do the same.