Honor Concert Band FAQs


How much will it cost for my student to participate?  The cost will be $183 for the 2019 Honor Band.
When are rehearsals?  When is the performance?  Rehearsals will take place in Fort Wayne beginning Thursday evening, January 17th.  The performance will take place at the Embassy Theatre in Ft Wayne on Saturday morning, January 19th at approximately 2:30 pm (eastern).
How does housing work?  The fee for students covers their housing, which will be shared with 3 other students.  The fee also covers their meals during the rehearsal period.
Are parents allowed to attend the concert?  Yes.  Parents and family members are all welcome to attend the concert.  There is no fee to attend!
Do I need to be an IMEA member to nominate students? Yes.  The Honor Band opportunity is available to students of IMEA members.
Are there rehearsals before the time in Fort Wayne?  No group rehearsals are held, but the students will be provided with their music ahead of time and are expected to work with their director, private teacher or other qualified individual to ensure they know the music prior to the first rehearsal.  Rehearsals on site are meant to focus on musicality and developing the best possible ensemble sound.
If I have other questions?  Contact Jim Jones & Cory Wynn, IMEA’s Honor Concert Band Chairs.  
Jim Jones – jonesji@nlcs.k12.in.us
Cory Kelley – cory.kelley@nwcs.k12.in.us