Northern Indiana General Music Workshop Details

We’re excited to host you at this year’s Northern Indiana General Music Workshop on Saturday, September 16th (this Saturday).  
A few items to help make your time with us easier.
1. Our event is being held on the campus of IU South Bend in Northside Hall, room 026.  A link to the map is here:
2. Parking is adjacent to the entrance and we have reserved it for IMEA’s attendees. No pass is needed.
3. Registration will begin at 9:00 am just outside the classroom.  On site registrations are being accepted, so please encourage colleagues to come!
4. Lunch is included.  We will have assorted box lunches provided to us.  If you don’t think that a food allergy you may have will be accommodated, please let me know.
5. Part of the sessions will include some use of technology and ukeleles.  If you’d like to bring both or either, please do so.  We will have some ukeleles available for attendees to utilize and share thanks to Music is Elementary.  They’ll also be available for sale afterwards.
Should you have any questions, please do let me know.  My cell phone on site is 317-775-8150.