Theory Bowl Format

Theory Bowl Format

Music Theory Bowl Round Structure 

Timing: 2 hours (this allows approximately 25 minutes each section); Four students represent each team during a round.

Round 1 Knowledge of Music Theory (First two sets of 10 questions for 10 seconds; Third Set of 10 questions for 20 seconds; 5 challenge questions using score examples for 30 seconds) 15 Minutes

  • Scales, Modes, Key Signatures (10 questions @ 1 pt. each)
  • Intervals and Chords (10 questions @ 1 pt. each)
  • Roman Numeral Analysis, Cadence and Modulation (10 questions @ 1 pt. each)
  • Score Examples (5 questions @ 2 pts. each)

40 points for the round

Group response using Kahoot? to answer question. My only question about Kahoot is can it build questions from a powerpoint presentation?  

5 Minute Break

Round 2 Aural Skills Identifications (Three Sets of 8 questions for 10 seconds) 10 Minutes

  • Interval Identification (8 questions @ 1 pt. each)
  • Scale/Mode Identification (8 questions @ 1 pt. each)
  • Chord Quality Identifications (8 questions @ 1 pt. each)

24 points for the round

Group response using Kahoot? Play each identification twice and project multiple choice responses.

5 Minute Break

Round 3 (dictations)- 4 examples (Four measure examples, approximately 5 minutes per excerpt) 20 Minutes

8 points possible per melodic dictation: 2 per measure, 1 point for rhythm, 1 point for pitch; 8 points possible per harmonic dictation: 2 per measure checking soprano and bass melody and Roman numerals—32 points for round  

  • Melodic Dictation (1 major, 1 minor) Possible melodies for the melodic dictation section—The opening four measures of Brahms Op. 118, No. 2 (4 measures of ¾) and the subject form Bach’s Fugue in F Minor, WTC, Book II
  • Harmonic Dictation (1 major, 1 minor—4 measures with seven chords—1 chord in the final measure)

Each representative of the four-member team provides a response to the dictations. Average score of the four combine scores.

15 Minute Break


Final Round (Family Feud Style Final between top 2 teams) 20 Minutes

Three Rounds—(Possible Topics) 1) Seventh Chord Spelling (5 to 7 questions)—Request seventh chord and student spells; 2) Interval Aural Identification (5 to 7 questions)—Play interval that student identifies; 3) Roman Numeral Identification (5 questions)—Given chord and key, student provides Roman numeral with inversion

  • Each team sends a student representative to the front to race to answer the first question using buzzer.
  • Winning team may accept challenge or pass.
  • Team must answer the determined number of questions correctly before getting three strikes.
  • If the team gets three strikes, the other team as a group may provide an answer to “steal” the round. 
  • First team to win two rounds is the winner.

5 Minute Break

Award Presentation- 5 minutes


2016 Round 3 Powerpoint

Theory Bowl Powerpoint



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