IMEA Honor Concert Band Students Announced

IMEA is pleased to announce the selected students for the 2014-2015 Honor Concert Band, which will perform at the 2015 Indiana Music Education Association Professional Development Conference in Fort Wayne, IN.

The Honor Concert Band is a state-wide ensemble selected through a Director’s nomination process, meant to recognize outstanding musician leaders from all parts of the state.  This year’s students will have the opportunity to learn under the direction of Col. Michael Colburn, recently retired director of the President’s Own Marine Band.  Through a full day and a half of study with Col. Colburn, they will then perform at the Historic Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN.

Educators, Students and Parents wishing to learn more about the IMEA Honor Concert Band may do so by clicking here.

2014-2015 IMEA Honor Concert Band 

First Name Last Name School Instrument
Kathryn Berger Valparaiso Piccolo
Emily Burden New Palestine Flute 1
Riley Beall Western Flute 1
Alyssa Pavey Mississinewa Flute 1
Kathryn  Ausema Chesterton Flute 1
Ellen Backer Jasper Flute 1
Lydia Perry Yorktown Flute 1
Shelby Robinson William Henry Harrison Flute 2
Carolyn Kelly Western Flute 2
Racel Paul Castle Flute 2
Alivia Jakubowski Whiting Flute 2
Bailey Casada Wapahani Flute 2
Carson Regruth Seymour Flute 2
Jaelyn Voyles Pendleton Heights Flute 2
Addison Cook Lawrence North Oboe 1
Caroline Loftus William Henry Harrison Oboe 1
Mary Grace O’Neal Norwell Oboe 2
Luke Fillenwarth Whiteland Oboe 2
Gavin Craig Winchester Bassoon
Kristin Kays Angola Bassoon
Jenna Hardin Seymour Clarinet 1
Elizabeth Magee Jasper Clarinet 1
Rachel Jordan Yorktown Clarinet 1
Christina Torress Portage Clarinet 1
Sarah Ralston Warren Central Clarinet 2
Atalie Klump Bedford North Lawrence Clarinet 2
Emily Larmore Center Grove Clarinet 2
Katie Bolles LaPorte HS Clarinet 2
Yzabel Tio Terre Haute North Clarinet 2
Olivia Bennett Southwestern Clarinet 2
Coobie Yacoob Angola Clarinet 3
Kobin Kempe Castle Clarinet 3
Zoe Griffin Whiteland Clarinet 3
Rayna Campbell New Palestine Clarinet 3
Kelsey Zetzl Hagerstown Clarinet 3
Madeline Lonis Hamilton Southeastern Clarinet 3
Haley Picking Concord Clarinet 3
Amber Yussom New Prairie Clarinet 3
Katelyn Doyle Richmond Bass Clarinet
Caleb Melton Anderson Bass Clarinet
Lindsey Welp Jasper Alto 1
Nate Roe Angola Alto 1
Julia Jongkind LaPorte Alto 1
Michaela Cooper Pendleton Heights Alto 1
Jessica Hubbs Terre Haute Alto 2
Michaela Holloway Concordia Lutheran Alto 2
Alex  Glickfield Eastern Alto 2
Carson Willis Sullivan Alto 2
Taylor Moore Jeffersonville Tenor
Emily Harvath Eastern Tenor
Joe Kirkpatrick Anderson Tenor
Taylor Chlewblowski New Prairie Bari Sax
Kent Hickey Warren Central Trumpet 1
Moira  Corcoran Cathedral Trumpet 1
Lucas  Kintz Paoli Trumpet 1
Jason Kubaszyk LaPorte Trumpet 2
Ethan Blake Pendleton Heights Trumpet 2
Jamin Edwards Winchester Trumpet 2
Moriah Carmel New Prairie Trumpet 2
Benjamin  Dickerson Jeffersonville Trumpet 3
Phillip  Snyder South Knox Trumpet 3
Macie  Plavec Whiting Trumpet 3
Sean O’Dell Pike Trumpet 3
Alex Friend Norwell Trumpet 3
Paul  Merkamp Northeastern Horn 1
Matthew Steck LaPorte Horn 1
Janelle  Moss Whiteland Horn 2
Caroline Blanchard William Henry Harrison Horn 2
Peter McFarland Yorktown Horn 3
Ian  Henshaw Lebanon Horn 3
Samantha Trier Concordia Lutheran Horn 4
Baily Fair Lafayette Jefferson Horn 4
Cyrus Dodson Paoli Bone 1
Reagan Moorman Jasper Bone 1
Tyler Schmitt Lawrence North Bone 1
Alex Standlee Anderson Bone 2
Jordan Addison Lawrence North Bone 2
James Davis Pike Bone 2
Austin Speedy Pendleton Heights Bone 3
Harsh Patel Seymour Bone 3
Abbie Davenport Hamilton Heights Bone 3
Anthony  Richardson Whiteland Baritone
Todd Soloman Winchester Baritone
Christopher Pyles Concordia Lutheran Baritone
Makayla Schacht Shelbyville Baritone
Bennet Dubois Noblesville Baritone
Nathan Schmitt Northwood Baritone
Wyatt Searcy Noblesville Tuba
Bern Woon Columbus North Tuba
Bryan Tishmack William Henry Harrison Tuba
Jeremy  Williams Warren Central Tuba
Andrew Schuler Northeastern Tuba
Lane Honeycutt Winchester Tuba
John Wicker Fishers Tuba
Madison Dora Castle Percussion
Henry Jetmore Richmond Percussion
Benjamin  Knox Concordia Lutheran Percussion
Nathan Li Cathedral Percussion
Anthony  Myers Ben Davis Percussion
Cassidy O’Hara Yorktown Percussion
Caleb O’Sullivan Norwell Percussion
Michael  Rennaker Western  Percussion


First Name Last Name School Instrument  
Hannah Busha Lawrenceburg Flute A
Elizabeth Bramer Southwestern Flute A
Sarah Lightner Wapahani Flute A
Kara Tynes Castle Flute A
Dustin Remmier Shelbyville Oboe A
Kristen Link Ben Davis Clarinet A
Emily Newman Winamac Clarinet A
Austin Machek Concord Clarinet A
Jordan Martinez Jeffersonville Clarinet A
Dakota McLaughlin Shelbyville Clarinet A
Jack Darnell Cathedral Alto A
Joel Peterson Chesterton Alto A
Emily Yoder Concord Alto A
Reno  Tanida Seymour Alto A
Ryan Salazar Winamac Tenor A
Tyler O’Riley Ben Davis Trumpet  A
Dylan  Newkirk Terre Haute North Trumpet  A
Austin Carnes Cowan Trumpet  A
Harley Ramsey Northwestern Trumpet  A
Jordan Piscitelli New Prairie Trumpet  A
Erin Mansell Pike Horn A
Emily Kirby Delta Horn A
Connor Blair Paoli Horn A
Abigail Davenport Hamilton Heights Bone A
Gentry Stayton Cowan Bone A
Robert Petrie Lawrence North Baritone A
Nathan Schmitt Northwood Baritone A
Stephen  Fuller Fishers Tuba A
Katie  Holsappe Ben Davis Percussion A
Melanie Baker Signature School Percussion A