CSWS Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Circle the State with Song Scholarships.

  1.  Each registered school may apply for only two scholarships.  If a teacher teaches at more than one school, each of the schools they register is eligible to apply for two scholarships.
  2. Only students that qualify for the free/reduced lunch program will be considered for a scholarship.
  3. Students must be registered and paid for Circle the State with Song in order to be considered.  Scholarship checks will be paid directly to the school for any awarded students.  
  4. Teachers must obtain permission from the student’s parent/guardian for permission to participate in Circle the State with Song and apply for scholarship assistance.  It is assumed by filling out this form that the teacher has met these permission requirements.
  5. IMEA will award two scholarships per level, per area for deserving students.  
  6. If a student receiving a CSWS Scholarship also applies for and is accepted into the Honor Choir, that student will be considered for an Honor Choir scholarship.