IMEA Board of Directors and Volunteer Chairs

Executive Committee

President President-Elect Immediate Past-President
Chris Taylor Julie Gray Kevin Gerrity

Area Representatives

Area 1
Johann Sletto
Area 2
Anne Tschetter
Area 3
Michael Bennett
Area 4
Michelle Bade
Area 5
Keith Ziolkowski
Area 6
Jonathon Edwards
Area 7
Andrea Drury
Area 8
J Scott Cooksey

Collegiate Representatives

Sr. Representative
Jonah Andreatta, Indiana University
Jr. Representative
Maya Davis, Butler University

IMEA Project Chairs and Appointed Members

Recording Secretary
Ben Batman
INfORM Editor
Michael Palmer
Peter Sampson
Past-President’s Council 
Tonya Cline
Beginning/Developing Teachers 
Sue Finger
Circle the State 
w/ Song / Honor Choir
Alicia Rankin
Composition Competition 
Sean Patrick
Special Learners
Julia Heath-Reynolds

Folk Dance Festival/Advocacy
Damon Clevenger

Festival & Clinic
Philip Smith
Membership Coordinator
Katy Briel

Indiana Tri-M
Matthew Spieker

Lauren Kapalka-Richerme

Orchestra Division
Tom Chen
Band Division
Glenn Northern

Elementary General Music Division
Emily Maurek

Choral Division
Michael Hummel

Show Choir Division
Shelley Johnson
Jazz Division
Josh Weirich

Representative of a NAfME Society or Program

Collegiate Chapter Advisor
Penny Dimmick
Society for Music
Teacher Education
Caroline Jetton
Research Chair
Don Ester
Council for Gen. Music  
Julie Plant

IMEA Professional Development Conference Area Coordinators

All State Future Music Educators Chair
Mark and Susan Finger
All-State & Jr All State Jazz
Bethany Robinson

Indiana Junior All-State Band
Candy Granlund / Rob Shaver

All State Orchestra
Nicole DeGuire

Awards Chair
Betty Martens

All State Percussion
Marc Wooldridge
Local Arrangements
Kathryn Ray and Annelise Rhoda
Intercollegiate Masterwork
Kerry Glann / Erik Rhode
Honor Band
Jim Jones & Cory Kelly
All State Handbell Choir
Andrew Robinson
Intercollegiate Band
Dan Tembras
All State Honor Choir
Annissa Bradley

IMEA Advisory Council

Dennis Malfatti
Johanna Kitchell
Tom Caneva
IBA Liaison
Myron Snuffin
Indiana Jazz Educators
Bethany Robinson
IOSA Liaison
Michelle Brinkman
IPA Liaison
Josh Torres
Mick Bridgewater
IHSCGA Liaison
Bob Meadworth
Music for All
Eric Martin
Drum Corps Int’l
Dan Acheson

Nancy Clark